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Corporates and authorities around the world are obliged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. But today most carbon emissions estimates are based on indirect economic metrics or on low resolution atmospheric observations. Monitoring of transportation GHG emissions (which contribute 30% to 40% of the total GHG inventory of most industrial countries) is even harder due to the complexity and dynamic nature of multimodal traffic.


Therefore mobility  services, large fleets and transportation authorities are struggling to map ongoing traffic emissions, to evaluate the impact of decarbonization projects and support claims for Carbon Credits using evidence-based data.

EmissionZero AI fleet CO2 emissions 1.png

At EmissionZero.AI we are focusing on solving this acute global problem. We have developed a groundbreaking solution that leverages machine learning, mobility location data and atmospheric science to accurately measure traffic CO2 and NOx emissions. This with extreme spatial and temporal granularity and across entire countries. Our solution is economic and scalable, enables fleets, mobility services and authorities to effectively execute carbon reduction plans and to evaluate “CO2-ROI”: where and how to invest to maximize carbon reduction within budgetary constraints.

EmissionZero.AI's team consists of leading atmospheric, GIS and public health scientists, innovative machine learning and mobility experts, former executives at Intel and Microsoft and serial SaaS entrepreneurs.

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About Us: Monitoring Mobility GHG Emissions

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